The Ministry of Dwelling Affairs (MHA) on 1 August 2021, as a means out of the following border disputes in India’s northeast, introduced to resolve the perpetual border contests utilizing geospatial know-how. The undertaking, the MHA said, can be executed by North Jap House Utility Centre (NESAC), collectively managed by the Division of House and North Jap Council (NEC). At face worth, it seems as a responsive technique. Delving to a deeper stratum, one could nonetheless really feel anxious as mapping typically entails the apply and relation of power-knowledge. 

The aim

Mizoram asserts that in drawing its dividing line with Assam, reference is to be made to the 1875 Cachar Internal Line primarily based on the Bengal Jap Frontier Regulation (BEFR) of 1873. This, they declare, is the one boundary line that they honestly greeted. That is disregarded by Assam asserting the supersession of the 1875 line by the notification of 1933. 

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