All About Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul

Adapted from a film short into a movie, “Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul” exhibits the strain of the magnification process – as premises go, feeling a little light in terms of the collection plate.

The central performances, however, make this dark satire awkwardly watchable, with Sterling K. Brown and Regina Hall as the disgraced pastor and his wife desperately plotting a comeback.

“Pastor Childs, are the allegations true?” Brown’s Pastor Lee-Curtis Childs is asked near the outset, while leaving the specifics of the scandal purposefully vague for much of the movie.

The details are actually relatively insignificant, as the relentlessly upbeat pastor & his wife Trinitie work to rebuild their megachurch, which once boasted thousands of parishioners.

In what looks like an act of hubris, the Childs have also invited a documentary crew to tag along, fly-on-the-wall style, as they go about the process, although there are enough uncomfortable moments.

the movie provides a solid showcase for Brown and Hall while establishing Ebo as a talent to watch, if not, in this setting, one who completely delivers.

While “Honk for Jesus” isn’t a perfect movie, give it praise for at least being an interesting one.