Anne Heche Trapped For Long After Crash

New audio files from the Los Angeles Fire Department reveal that actor Anne Heche was trapped in her car for nearly an hour before being rescued at the scene of the fiery crash.

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The clips gave details how firefighters weren’t able to locate Heche’s body for 24 minutes after arriving at the scene & then took 25 minutes to remove her from her car.

LAFD Deputy Chief Richard Fields said there was initial confusion about who was injured due to visibility issues.

By 11:25 a.m., the confusion was cleared up with one firefighter saying that he “identified one patient, inaccessible at this time.”

On Aug. 14, the “Six Days Seven Nights” star was removed from life support after being pronounced brain dead a few days prior.

Heche died from smoke “inhalation & thermal injuries.” She also suffered a “sternal fracture due to blunt trauma” — an injury that’s commonly caused when the chest strikes the steering wheel.