Paolo Banchero Feuds With Dejounte Murray

After a few physical altercations with Atlanta Hawks guard Dejounte Murray, Banchero elevated their conflict on social media.

During Isaiah Thomas' Zeke-End tournament in Tacoma, Washington, on Sunday night, Banchero was captured getting into a few brief exchanges with Murray.

Murray escalated as the tournament went on and faked out Banchero before giving himself an alley-oop off the backboard.

Murray was also mocking Banchero on the sidelines during the tournament. He was heard calling Banchero a "little boy," and saying that he's "too soft."

Despite the tournament's conclusion Sunday night, the feud between Murray and Banchero continued on social media.

Murray shared the clip of his fakeout on Instagram with the caption directed to Banchero.

Banchero later responded, mentioning that Murray unfollowed him on the platform and took the exchanges personally.