Bill Maher Slams America’s Fat Acceptance Movement

In the show, Real Time with Bill Maher, the comedian took aim at America’s obesity epidemic and torched the culture for promoting not only "fat acceptance," but "fat celebration."

Maher declared the "disturbing trend" to be "Orwellian" and urged Americans to stop spinning obesity as a positive and lose some weight.

"We’ve gone from fat acceptance to fat celebration. That’s new. That is new," he said emphatically.

"Now the term body positivity is used to mean, ‘I’m perfect the way I am because I’m me,’" he continued, adding, "It’s Orwellian how often positivity is used to describe what’s not healthy!" 

After explaining the obvious health risks with obesity and the constraints it has put on American life – Maher mentioned the military Is having a harder time finding in-shape recruits

"At some point acceptance becomes enabling, and if you’re in any way participating in this joyful celebration of gluttony that goes on now, you have blood on your hands," he declared.

Maher also targeted the billion-dollar companies who have traditionally promoted health and fitness for buying into this trend