Boilermaker Alliance Adds Drew Brees

The Boilermaker Alliance took a step toward establishing itself as one of the top organizations around Name, Image and Likeness on Thursday.

The group announced former Purdue quarterback and NFL star Drew Brees as the newest member of its executive board and will chair the advisory board.

The organization also announced a commitment to provide NIL funding for the entire football and men’s basketball teams 

and “this will be at levels that are consistent with what other programs have done across the country recently in a very competitive manner,” said Jeff McKean, co-founder of the Boilermaker Alliance.

In addition, the Alliance will provide NIL financial opportunities to the other 285 athletes on scholarship at Purdue.

“This is something to our knowledge that has not been done by any other group like us,” McKean said. “From the day we started, we recognize the importance of including all our athletes,

and it was non-negotiable. Most other organizations are simply looking at revenue sports, but that's not the Purdue way.”