Brandi Carlile's ‘In These Silent Days’

Taylor Swift is not the only one re-recording fairly recent albums. Now Brandi Carlile has done it, although with very different reasons than the ones that prompted Swift to revisit her catalog.

Carlile has gone back into the studio to redo last year’s “In These Silent Days” in its entirety, in a new, acoustic-focused version that’s been titled “In the Canyon Haze.”

The newly recorded album will be out Sept. 28 and is preceded today by “You and Me on the Rock (In the Canyon Haze),” a remake that features her wife, Catherine Carlile, on harmony vocals.

Carlile said that the project came about when she was looking at putting out a deluxe edition of “Silent Days” for the album’s upcoming anniversary, with bonus tracks,

but settled on a way to make the entire album a bonus. The “canyon” part alludes to how the artist thinks the re-do aims for a vintage Laurel Canyon spirit in the reconfigured arrangements.

The new album follows the running order of the original album exactly, with the exception of an acoustic cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” which she often performs in concert, tagged onto the end.

The singer-songwriter will also perform at the Americana Honors & Awards ceremony in Nashville Sept. 14, where she’s up for three awards.