Colin Cowherd is no stranger to tweaking people with his comments on Twitter.

Usually, those people are Baker Mayfield or Russell Westbrook, or occasionally John Wall. Sometimes, Colin will have fun with fans of a particular team.

Recently, Cowherd mocked Donald Trump supporters for their reaction to the FBI executing a raid on the former President's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida on Monday.

"Not sure what’s melting down faster. Our glaciers due to global warming. Or Trump supporters this morning," Cowherd tweeted.

Cowherd's personal politics don't really fit neatly into a box, but he has never seemed to be a big fan of Trump's.

He certainly did himself no favors with the ex-President's most ardent supporters today, but quite honestly, we don't think Cowherd cares.

He's going to keep dropping his opinions and taking the occasional jabs.