Everton v Liverpool: Top Liverpool Goals

The Merseyside derby is one of the biggest games in the Premier League and with that, comes nothing but drama and goals.

These are the best five Liverpool goals against Everton, according to LFCTR.

1. Gary McAllister 

Last moment of the match, Liverpool had a free kick from 45 yards out, not a real opportunity for goal, well, not for others.

2. Curtis Jones 

Curtis Jones arrived on the seen with a bang. The scouser knows full well how big the Merseyside Derby is and to make an impact like he did was outstanding.

3. Mohamed Salah

Another player that is capable of individual brilliance and this goal was exactly that. The Egyptian King wrestled off the defender and smartly turn into the box.

4. Steven Gerrard 

A young Steven Gerrard with all the confidence in the world. When the ball was headed out by the defence, Gerrard brought it down immediately & drove into the box with one touch. 

5. Philippe Coutinho 

The little magician doing what he does best. Taking players on and then curling into the top corner.