Everything About ‘Devil in Ohio'

“The lessons of the fire, as we reach for something higher,” a voice wails as images of flying crows and blood dripping down a rose’s thorny stem flood the screen.

“With eyes we’ve all come to know, he’s the devil in Ohio.” 

This theme song has a self-conscious ludicrousness that’s ultimately earned by the series it introduces — at least in one sense. 

“Devil in Ohio” isn’t so great that its missteps end up making sense, but it’s so schlockily unembarrassed by its excesses & its shortcomings alike that it feels difficult to critique. 

Here, Emily Deschanel plays Suzanne, a psychiatrist whose particularly challenging new patient Mae (Madeleine Arthur) seems in urgent need of shelter after escaping a cult.

Naturally, Suzanne brings her home — and, of course, Suzanne has three daughters (played by Xaria Dotson, Alisha Newton, and Naomi Tan)

from whom Mae can be acclimated into high-school life, or on whom Mae can rapidly exert her influence.