Guitarist Bill Pitman Dies At 102

Bill Pitman, a guitarist who accompanied Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Barbra Streisand and others died on Thursday night at his home in La Quinta, Calif. He was 102.

His wife, Janet Pitman, said he died after four weeks at a rehabilitation center in Palm Springs, where he was treated for a fractured spine suffered in a fall.

Virtually anonymous outside the music world but revered within it, Mr. Pitman was a member of what came to be called the Wrecking Crew.

In a career of nearly 40 years, Mr. Pitman played countless gigs for studios and record labels that dominated the pop charts but rarely credited the performers behind the stars.

The Wrecking Crew did almost everything β€” television and film scores; pop, rock and jazz arrangements; even cartoon soundtracks.

Mr. Pitman continued writing arrangements, and at 99 he was still playing music β€” and golf.

β€œHe plays the guitar at home just about every day,” his wife said in an interview for this obituary in 2019.