Home Decorating Trends To Avoid

Say goodbye to all-white everything. Instead, British-inspired design aesthetic is back in with layered sensibilities of patterned fabrics, wallpaper, and muted color tones.

All-White Everything

Another trend that Frost is ready to say goodbye to is when homeowners try dupes, a sort of fast fashion approach to interior design.

Duped Trend

Shiplap and rustic farmhouse applications are beginning to read pedestrian. Shiplap and popular molding details should only be used as it relates to the home's architectural style.

Modern Farmhouse

Beyond an actual hunting lodge or cabin, animal-shaped rugs are hard to pull off.

Animal-Shaped Rugs

While wicker furniture has long been used for its durable qualities and tropical aesthetic,its time has come and gone after a 2019 peak.

Wicker Furniture

Matchy-matchy is never a good look, especially when it comes to the use of metal finishes in a space.

Matching Metals

Gray walls and countertops are on their way out and are being replaced with more warm neutrals and brighter colors.

Gray on Gray on Gray