Inspiration For WWE Eugene Palermo Passes Away

Everyone is remembering the real-life inspiration for one of the more unique characters in WWE history. Eugene Palermo passed away Sunday at the age of 57.

Palermo’s introduction to the world of professional wrestling came through his father.

Eugene Palermo lived with Down syndrome, but it didn’t prevent him from getting involved in wrestling.

The story of how Eugene’s name came to be attached to a WWE character started with Rip Rogers, who was a trainer in the company’s developmental system.

The name “Eugene” was adopted as a direct result of WWE employees’ memories of Eugene Palermo attending shows.

Dinsmore portrayed “Eugene” in WWE from 2004 to 2007.  He shared a brief message on Sunday and a picture of himself with Eugene Palermo on Twitter.

While some fans found the character controversial, Dinsmore recalled many positive interactions with fans who told him it inspired people with special needs.