Is Steve Martin Retiring From Acting

"Only Murders in the Building" co-creator and star Steve Martin has hinted that the comedic whodunit may be his acting swan song.

"When this television show is done, I'm not going to seek others," the Emmy winner, 76, told The Hollywood Reporter, in an interview published on Wednesday.

"I'm not going to seek other movies. I don't want to do cameos. This is, weirdly, it," he said.

Martin joked that his wife Anne Stringfield doesn't believe him when he says he's going to retire.

That said, Martin, who has been in the business for more than 60 years, is also hesitant to use that specific word.

"I'm really not interested in retiring. I'm not. But I would just work a little less. Maybe," he added.

"Only Murders in the Building" recently garnered 17 total nominations at the upcoming 2022 Emmys for its first season, with Martin up for three himself.