Mitchell Trade Affects Milwaukee Bucks?

It was announced Thursday that Donovan Mitchell was indeed traded, not to the New York Knicks as previously rumored, but to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

What does that have to do with the Milwaukee Bucks? It is easy to dismiss this news as not affecting the Bucks but it does.

While there isn’t a lot made of the division alignment in the NBA as much as in the NFL or MLB, it is still a factor in scheduling, which is where the relevance comes in.

The Milwaukee Bucks and Cleveland Cavaliers are both in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference, along with the Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls.

So Donovan Mitchell being traded to the Cavaliers means that the Milwaukee Bucks will have to face Mitchell twice as often,

going from twice a year as a member of the Utah Jazz in the Western Conference, to now four times this season as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Bucks & new look Cavaliers will be well acquainted early, 2 matchups in Milwaukee will take place on Nov 16th & 25th, other 2 matchups coming on Dec 21st & Jan 21st, those two games in Cleveland.