Mother, Child Abducted While Car Parking

The incident occurred at approximately 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday at a Target store in Memphis Tennessee, when authorities from the Memphis Police Department were told that

a woman and her 1-year-old child had just left Target after purchasing groceries when they were approached by two men who were armed with a handgun, police say.

"The males forced the victim and the child into the suspect's vehicle," the Memphis Police Department said in a statement released on social media detailing the abduction.

"The suspects drove to the Regions Bank at 7790 Highway 64 and forced the victim to withdraw $800.00 from the ATM."

The ATM location they drive to was approximately a half mile west of where the abduction took place. 

Authorities say once the suspects had the money they demanded, they released the victim and her child who were then able to immediately alert authorities.

The Memphis Police Department did not say where the victims were released or how long the entire incident lasted before they were freed.