Motown Legend Lamont Dozier Dead At 81

Lamont Dozier was in his downstairs home studio, singing "My World Is Empty Without You," with his Motown partners. He was in mid-song when the unexpected happened.

The legendary songwriter's voice cracked and he became choked up.

"The song was just pouring out of me, and then all of a sudden the emotion took over," Dozier explained during a 1999 interview in his spacious home.

"It was overwhelming, and I had to regroup. All these memories just rushed in, of the people and friends who are no longer with us. Marvin Gaye.

At the time, Dozier, who died Monday at the age of 81, was deep in recording his album "Reflections Of..." Released in 2004.

The power of Dozier's songwriting carried into his solo career, where he recorded several albums beginning with his 1973 debut album "Out Here on My Own."

Recording the new album, called "Reflections," would give this music a new face. He wanted to perform the songs to the way he originally conceived them — as love-struck slow ballads.