Nancy Bennallack Murder Case New Update

The murder of Nancy Marie Bennallack, a 28-year-old court reporter who was brutally stabbed to death in October 1970, remained a cold case for nearly 52 years.

Her family and friends, including her fiancé spent decades wondering if investigators would ever find the person who killed her.

Investigators have now identified Richard John Davis as the man who stabbed Bennallack more than 30 times and nearly decapitated her.

At the time of the murder, Davis was 27 and lived with a roommate in an apartment across from Bennallack in the same Bell Street complex.

Davis continued to live there until 1974 or 1975, his former roommate told investigators.

Davis died at the age of 54 from complications of alcoholism on Nov. 2, 1997, Links said.

“Sadly, there won’t be any form of legal justice,” Links said before turning to the couple. “But Linda and Tom, I hope this brings you, Nancy and your family some peace.”