NFL World On To Tom Brady Family News

Earlier Thursday morning, fans learned that Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady will be away from the team for a little over a week.

Initial reports suggested the hiatus was for a family issue.

However, the most recent reports suggest this was a planned event and Brady is just taking some time to spend with his family before the season kicks off.

"No one is worried. He's fine," NFL Network insider Ian Rapoport said. "To my knowledge, it's not a medical emergency for him or anyone close to him.

I was told everyone is OK. The best description I got about this what that it's important to find a work-life balance."

Most fans believe the family had a pre-planned trip that the family was supposed to take after Brady's retirement - before he made his comeback, of course.

"Wouldn't be surprised if it's because Giselle and Brady previously planned a family trip for next week. Brady was supposed to be retired, as we all know," Patriots reporter Ben Volin said.