Salman Rushdie: Condition & Suspect

Rushdie is in surgery after he was stabbed in the neck as he prepared to give speech in Chautauqua, in upstate New York.

Acclaimed author Sir Salman Rushdie was stabbed while speaking at an event in New York on Friday.

As he was being introduced to an audience, a man wearing a black mask stormed the stage and begin assaulting Rushdie, punching or stabbing him multiple times.

Audience members rushed to help and apprehend the suspect before a state trooper at the event arrested him.

The author was airlifted to a hospital and is undergoing surgery for his injuries, officials say, which include wounds to the neck and abdomen.

Authorities have not released more information on his condition, though a doctor at the event described Rushdie’s wounds as “serious, but recoverable”.

Police have identified the suspect as Hadi Matar, a 24-year-old from New Jersey who purchased a ticket for the event.