Why El Potro Can't Sit Cata At Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul had the victory against Juarez but it ended up slipping away after losing a two-goal lead in the match. Raul Gutierrez's team failed in defense and one player was blamed for it.

Despite not winning, the draw is worth something for Cruz Azul to climb positions in the general table.

Now with Potro Gutierrez at the helm, the fans are demanding some changes, such as that of defender Julio "Cata" Domínguez, who did not have his best game against Juarez FC.

The level of the defender is already worrying more than one due to his constant failures in the defensive backline.

That is why it is strange to see the player in the team's starting lineup. However, now the big reason behind it is revealed.

It turns out that the player has a close relationship with the club's president, Victor Velazquez, and his starting place is almost always assured as he is one of the board's favorites.

In the game against Juarez he did not defend well on the equalizing goal, all for not attacking a ball correctly.